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  1. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Approx 29 days from seed, 4th day of 12/12. Stretching like crazy, still don't know sex.

    pot26 1.JPG

  2. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    I have changed some lights around and made things a little more effecient. Also switched a few bulbs to 2700K spectrum for the duration. Tall plant is around 18in, i took most of the big fans off today to let light in. Hoping to know sex any day now.

    pot29 003.JPG

  3. sho*tyme

    sho*tyme Excommunicated

    Everything is lookin good nat!:good job:

    Have you started thinking about topping or training? Or maybe doing a SCROG? Once they are in full flower its gonna be kinda hard to control vertical growth. Have you ordered you 150w system yet?

    They usually take about a 7-10 days of forced flowering to show sex depending on maturity, so it should really be any day now. I always pay attention to the internode length, usually females pretty much stay tight and compact and males usually grow taller and skinnier, but that also depends on the light, and how close they are to the light,

    What kind of nutrients did you get? Have you feed them yet?

    Ill be watching..... :popcorn-2:
  4. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thanks ShoTyme. I'm trying to wait until i determine sex before i do anything as far as training or topping. If i get both females im going to top the tall one, the short one should make the stretch untouched. Speaking of which, structurally the tall one would be male and shorty female is my guess and like you said, any day now i will know.

    If i get just 1 female i will tie some branches down and let her spread out.

    Prob keeping the lights how they are for this run to learn what im doing. Been watching a thread with LED's and am still debating which way i will go. I like the UFO's with the ring attachment. When i get to forking over some cash for a light upgrade i might just go with the LED. For my cab it will be good.

    My lights are within inches, and sometimes they grow onto the fluoro tubes with no leaf burning. I raise the cfl's every morning at lights on to the best height.

    Ive feed them one time about a week ago at the start of 12/12 with a 8-8-8 NPK fert. They didn't respond either way, good or bad, to it. Just kept growing, lol.
  5. sho*tyme

    sho*tyme Excommunicated

    That's what's up.

    I really don't really know about the LED lights but I have seen good photos and videos that had real nice lookin buds!

    If you haven't seen any bad results with your nutes, good. Feed every other watering and slowly increase the amounts.
  6. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    WooHoo ! :)

    One of my bagseeds is a GIRL ! The tall plant shot out pistol's last nite, little white hairs sticking out ! One keeper so far. :anibong:
  7. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Two girls from two plants ? SWEET ! I got lucky, me thinks. Girls have been fed with Bloom Booster/Superthrive/rain water solution and basking in the sun for a few hours this morning. Two'ish weeks since the 12/12

    pot34 004.JPG

    pot35 2.JPG


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  8. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    I found a 65w 2700k CFL in lowe's that im going to try out. I hung it in between the girls so they can both enjoy it.


    They are starting to bud now, im excited :) :bong-2:
  9. sho*tyme

    sho*tyme Excommunicated

    Its lookin nice and green in there my dude!:thumbs-up:
  10. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Creepin on 3 feet now. Started 12/12 at 12-13inches. July 11 i think. Yellow leaves and burnt tips have all but dissapeared over time.

    pot40 004.JPG

  11. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes


    Everything seems to be going smooth. Been feeding with rainwater and Super Bloom. One is over 3ft now.
  12. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Girls are doing good so far i think. Budding up now, holding their green color. Having to water the one in the smaller pot every day or two. Prob rootbound at this point but will finish it out.

    Added another 65watter, i love these things. :growin:

  13. Hank Chinaski

    Hank Chinaski Ruminating

    Looks good, man. I'm excited to see how much you're gonna get off those two on your first try.

    Keeps the pics coming. :popcorn-2: :popcorn-2:
  14. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Those are looking pretty good, especialy since started so soon after seed.
  15. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    The ladies are still doing ok i think. Budding up nicely. One of the girls is yellowing out a little but i am not too worried. Still feeding with rainwater and Super Bloom.



  16. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Their saying......."give me magneeeeeeesium" But good lookin plants.
  17. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Budding up ! They are really putting on some weight now.

  18. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Here is the big girl. She is going 1 more week with the cab all to herself.


    And here is the smalller girl all chopped up !!


    I am very pleased with my harvest from the first plant, and the smoke looks pretty good imo. Got it drying now, hope to smoke some of it next weekend while i chop her sister up.

    I'm happy considering what i put into this... easily less then 100bux.
  19. MellowDood

    MellowDood weed eater

    Forgive me for not reading the whole thread. I just skimmed, mostly looking at pictures. Did you really finish these with nothing but flos? If so that's a very impressive haul that looks like top quality buds. Even if you got the 150W HPS you mentioned it's an excellent result. Your first grow? Really?!? :thumbs-up: :bong-2: I look forward to seeing round 2.
  20. MellowDood

    MellowDood weed eater

    One suggestion (while the other one is still alive!): as hard as it is be very patient. Maybe that last picture is deceiving, but I see no orange/red hairs. You may have been able to let it go longer for more yield. Keep that in mind the next time you pull out the shears. :) If I'm wrong about what I see, then carry on. :smoke2:

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