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  1. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thanks. It's about 50/50 orange to white hairs. But yea it was early, i am letting the big one go the duration, i wanted her to spread out in the cab for the last week or two because she is HUGE. The buds are tight and look delicous, better then anything i can get around here.

    Wet weight came out at 113.9g for shorty. Top cola was 48grams.

    I never got the HPS, just stuck to the CFL's and flouros. Very little investment :)
  2. MellowDood

    MellowDood weed eater

    The picture fooled me. I should have guessed. It's just been years since I've had plants to photograph.

    That one should dry to about 1oz, maybe a few grams less if you prefer drier buds. Well done.

    By the way...

  3. Naturalistic

    Naturalistic Developed Alternating Nodes

    Thanks mate :passsit:

    I think I am waiting until spring for a guerilla grow next. 3-4 spots with a few ladies each. My wife doesn't so much like it growing in our house now that she let me try it. So im going outdoors in the spring ! She is more comfortable with that, what can ya do.

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