Help first grow weird problems. Do you know what this is? HELP Any advice helps

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by Doug_xx2, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Mrgreenjeans

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    For your first grow it not bad. It's a learning curve. You had some issues in the beginning.
    They will put on the most weight the last two to three weeks of flower. Make sure to flush with straight ph adjusted water the last two weeks.
    I always feed as heavy as possible two weeks befor I start flushing.
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  2. ResinRubber

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    Some plants will continue putting out fresh pistils until they fully die. Not a good thing to be judging harvest maturity by. Go with trich coloration for harvest time.

    The loss of leaf coloration is pretty normal in late flower. If you grow soil and find it begins more than 10 days prior to harvest you can either up the magnesium in the soil mix or add cal/mag at week 5 of flowering. This helps the plant with late flower N uptake.

    Think about what you're doing with the lighting. Plants develop most in times of light. That means every hour under a lamp is crucial. By reducing lighting one hour a day for the last two weeks you're removing almost 10% of light hours at the most serious stage of flowering. That's like deciding to starve your car 10% of it's fuel when you stomp on the gas.
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  3. Doug_xx2

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    good lookin' out. Maybe I should hit em once or twice more then since it is only the middle of week 8...
    I already have a laundry list of things that are gonna be different next time. I keep thinking I am screwing it all the hell up but then people tell me I am doing good. (my inclination is to believe I am fucking it up like everything else LOL)
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  4. Doug_xx2

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    The nectar line is calcium based so it shouldn't need that but maybe it could use some magnesium. I have hit it twice in the last week and a half with the cal mag from general hydro. I was actually worried about giving them any N this late in the game. The reason why I mention the white hairs is that they seem to be building the lower parts of the upper buds on those plants. It is almost like they are a week behind the others but they are some of my bigger healthier (less abused lol) plants... (weird). I decided to go back to 12 and 12 after @blazerwill420 said it would mess up my yield. :)

    I am glad everyone here has helped me so much. I like to think I have a green thumb but these girls do some weird shit LOL
  5. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    some strains do react differently to 11/13..12/12 schedules. as a rule of thumb stick with 12/12

    11/13 is helpful when running multiple lights so you can have a rolling on and off by staggering lights so you don't have power issues and you know you still have a solid 12 of darkness
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  6. Mrgreenjeans

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    How are they coming Doug?
  7. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    Hey @Mrgreenjeans

    Well there are a couple with purple coming out in the leaves like it should for this strain. I started watering a straight gallon of unadjusted water a week and a half ago and they immediately started fox tailing (I hear that is a bad thing but I really am not sure why). The flowers have gotten bigger and I have removed a lot of the dying leaves. There is one I think I abused about to death and I think the whole thing may have to go in the bubble bags but there is a lot of it so... :) . I have swiped a bit of it over the last week and it seems to be right to me other than it being a little harsh because it isn't properly cured (I was out though). one or two must have done something because I am seeing waaaaay more seeds than I wanted to or was expecting. Probably stress from all the different ways I abused them. I am sure it wasn't from light though. I wonder if it would be worth saving em.... I don't ever recall seeing a male part on a single one of them so :being-confused-smiley-emoticon:

    for all I know it could have come on the air from outside (this is Colorado LOL) or maybe I should have evacuated the tent and cleaned when I pulled the male out. I didn't think there were any open flowers though.

    I was watering them a gallon a day taking the third day off. When I started my runoff was off the scale on ppm and ec and ph was at about a 5.5. I ran a total of ten gallons through each before I did what I did today. Today me and the better half ran water through them a gallon at a time until we were down to 6.5 ph (or higher) 400 ec and 200 PPM (the water going in was at 88 ec and 120 ppm (my tap water)). I think we went through 150-200 gallons of water in order to get em where I thought they needed to be. We took all day doing it and finished like a half hour ago. They are 30-45 percent amber at this point. I am going to go waaaaay lighter on nutes next time. I don't think they need anywhere near what I been putting in them. I am also going to get runoff trays and give them more water when I water them. I think I might start adjusting water again now but I will probably give them straight adjusted water from here on out (as much as I am tempted to hit them with a couple quarts each of Epsom salt water tomorrow buuuuuttt... there is a little voice telling me to leave well enough alone and let em finish on plain adjusted water or even unadjusted water though). Going to skip two or three days before I water again.

    I am going to be picking seeds on at least one or two of them forever but it isn't like it would be the first time LOL.
  8. ResinRubber

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    Everybody has accidentally seeded a run. Happens. You live and learn. Congrats on getting to the end of your grow.:stoned-smiley:
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  9. Doug_xx2

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    just wish I knew exactly why. It might tell me whether they were worth keeping. I little bit left but I think it will be ok. I will post pics at the end
  10. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    It happens to all of us. And they seeded, that's your answer as far as keeping them.
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  11. SuperMoChombo

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    Don't keep hermies.
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  12. Doug_xx2

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    20170731_062021.jpg Good news though Rick and Morty S3E2 was on this morning and I pulled this off some material I was gonna toss a couple days ago with a 90 micron bag and some dry ice.
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  13. Mrgreenjeans

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    Hey Doug, the accidental seeding has happened to me. Ugg! If I had to guess I would say on of the ladies popped a male pollen sack closer to the lower limbs. I would not keep the seeds.
    The reason being is even if you get girls out of them they will carry the DNA of the plant that Hermied. That makes them more susceptible to the hermi trait happening to them again.
    That's one of the reasons I grow mostly from clones. That's some nice looking hash!
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  14. OldSmokey

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    Hi Doug,

    Ppms and EC are both measurements of the concentration of your solutions, in the same way feet and meters are to distance. There seems to be something strange going on with your numbers as they don't seem to relate to each other properly.

    A little background: There are 2 ppms scales that are commonly used, the 500 scale and the 700 scale, as well as the EC scale. In the 500 scale, 500 ppm = 1.0 EC. In the 700 scale, 700 ppm = 1.0 EC. There's nothing wrong with using any one of these 3 scales, but you have to be consistent and not mix the miles and kilometers...

    I happen to use the 700 ppm scale, just because that was what my Hanna meter came set up with. The scales are similar enough to cause confusion if the units aren't known, kind of like how 40 degrees in Europe is hot and 40 degrees in the US is a little chilly. Don't let this screw with your measuring, because it easily can.

    The EC scale doesn't suffer from this problem. It's the same everywhere.
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  15. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    What old smokey said. I was wondering about the numbers myself.
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  16. Doug_xx2

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    20170731_092214.jpg 20170731_092245.jpg

    hungh I am not sure....
    This is the meter I am using. I am not sure what scale it is using. I just assumed I had to try to get them to 0 just before I cut them down. I never considered that it might not be right. I just stuck it in a glass of water and it said 87 ppm and 140 ec
  17. OldSmokey

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  18. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    a tad bit of advice, don't over complicate things in the beginning. Trying to adjust ppms and what not is great, but really until you know a strain and what it can handle its useless information. frankly in my experience you got to log that for a few grows then start making adjustments to see results, but by then you know the plants well enough to where you barely use the meter.

    honestly last time i get my tds out was when i switched from GH to CES nutes...I couldn't even tell you were it's at currently

    also, just read the pamphlet that came with meter, it should have conversion in there.

    also tap water will always have a reading, RO is what you gotta check, even that sometimes has a reading, but that could be your meter needs adjusting or filters in RO need to be changed.

    I agree with the as close to zero when flushing myself, but I used tap water for years straight out the hose and never had an issue. Just run 2xs the amount of water as your container at least 10 days out and use nothing but water after
  19. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    Yeah it was a cheap meter I got on Amazon for like 10 dollars or something. I have no real idea about it or how it works. It just seems like everywhere I go to learn about this it ec this ec that, ppm this ppm that. There is so much misinformation and pseudo science on the net about growing. I will have to figure what is up with this and maybe throw this meter out. I am going to shoot for getting one of them to zero at least a day or two before I chop em down though and this is the only tool I have for now. :)

    This thing was so cheap it didn't even come with instructions so no manual to look in LOL :p yeah my tap water is usually between 110 and 120 ppm so I try to take that into account when taking readings. It does make them look higher than they are though. I had to run a shit ton of water through them (between 100 and 200 gallons in a day) in order to rinse all the salt out I have been collecting because of trying to stick to a no run off watering schedule (dumb idea probably but I had reasons for it (probably not good ones LOL)). 200 PPM doesn't sound nearly as bad as the off the scale readings I got before hand. The meter goes to like 8 or 10 K and it was reading an error because it was over the limits of the meter when I switched to two days with a gallon in each and one day off in an attempt to flush them out. I saw I wasn't getting anywhere fast that way so I just went friggin' nuts the other day when me and the other half were both here and did an assembly line kinda thing with her pouring and me removing run off water, testing and running gallon jugs of water to her.

    Hey and lets be honest

    I was using the cheapest meter I could acquire.

    I wasn't standing there with a pen and paper and my short term memory isn't what it used to be LOL.

    All the plants were not exactly the same (I gave one set of numbers for 7 plants. Some were slightly higher or lower when I finished but all in a ballpark within 50 or so of each other)

    200 ppm isn't bad considering when I started this what was coming out of the bottoms of these things were possibly more concentrated than it was when it came out of the bottle LOL.
    I think the next grow I do is going to be without nutes or maybe bare minimum to see how that turns out (the feed em all of it all the time plan has not worked as well as I had hoped). I have the soil I took out of the male I had and a bunch of used shredded organic coconut husks in a box with a bunch of stuff I have composted into it for two months now (plant matter from kitchen waste) and about 10,000 red wigglers. I am gonna mix it together with the soil from what I got going now when I am done and continue composting for a little while.
  20. ResinRubber

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    A word on composting and growing weed.

    I compost also. Everything from my old soil to kitchen and garden waster goes into the pile. In average there's at least a sq/yd of compost going at any time. It grows good weed. But mixing fresh soil with organic amendments generally grows better weed more consistently. If I were growing only for my own head I'd grow in compost. But since I'm growing for quality and yield every run the best option is mixing fresh. My old soil and compost goes into the regular garden.

    Not saying guys who are gurus at composting and weed don't have it dialed. They do, and can put out excellent weed with good yield every time. But it's another learning curve to get it really right. I been playing with composting on and off for several years now and still can't get the same consistency. Your mileage may vary.
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