Help first grow weird problems. Do you know what this is? HELP Any advice helps

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by Doug_xx2, Apr 4, 2017.

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    For your first grow it not bad. It's a learning curve. You had some issues in the beginning.
    They will put on the most weight the last two to three weeks of flower. Make sure to flush with straight ph adjusted water the last two weeks.
    I always feed as heavy as possible two weeks befor I start flushing.
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    Some plants will continue putting out fresh pistils until they fully die. Not a good thing to be judging harvest maturity by. Go with trich coloration for harvest time.

    The loss of leaf coloration is pretty normal in late flower. If you grow soil and find it begins more than 10 days prior to harvest you can either up the magnesium in the soil mix or add cal/mag at week 5 of flowering. This helps the plant with late flower N uptake.

    Think about what you're doing with the lighting. Plants develop most in times of light. That means every hour under a lamp is crucial. By reducing lighting one hour a day for the last two weeks you're removing almost 10% of light hours at the most serious stage of flowering. That's like deciding to starve your car 10% of it's fuel when you stomp on the gas.
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    good lookin' out. Maybe I should hit em once or twice more then since it is only the middle of week 8...
    I already have a laundry list of things that are gonna be different next time. I keep thinking I am screwing it all the hell up but then people tell me I am doing good. (my inclination is to believe I am fucking it up like everything else LOL)
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    The nectar line is calcium based so it shouldn't need that but maybe it could use some magnesium. I have hit it twice in the last week and a half with the cal mag from general hydro. I was actually worried about giving them any N this late in the game. The reason why I mention the white hairs is that they seem to be building the lower parts of the upper buds on those plants. It is almost like they are a week behind the others but they are some of my bigger healthier (less abused lol) plants... (weird). I decided to go back to 12 and 12 after @blazerwill420 said it would mess up my yield. :)

    I am glad everyone here has helped me so much. I like to think I have a green thumb but these girls do some weird shit LOL
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    some strains do react differently to 11/13..12/12 schedules. as a rule of thumb stick with 12/12

    11/13 is helpful when running multiple lights so you can have a rolling on and off by staggering lights so you don't have power issues and you know you still have a solid 12 of darkness
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