Help first grow weird problems. Do you know what this is? HELP Any advice helps

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by Doug_xx2, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    I couldn't have done it so well without the help that everyone gave me.
    Thanks! Me to but I prolly won't need one for a minute
  2. Mrgreenjeans

    Mrgreenjeans Administrator

    Well you're more than welcome to hang around and drop in from time to time even if you're not growing. :)
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  3. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    thank you. I have been thinking about trying to see if there was a veteran using medically here that can't afford his medicine and just dropping off some anonymously. Not sure if I can pull that off or not though
  4. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Well that would be awesome but you have to be careful that someone doesn't use you. Go to a vet center and ask around without letting on that you have "gifts" to give away.
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  5. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    I thought about trying to get with the manager of the local medical only dispensary and asking if they knew anyone who could use a little help anonymously. Not sure if they could help or not because of confidentiality. It can't hurt to ask though.
  6. SuperMoChombo

    SuperMoChombo Well-Known Member

    Be careful. Anyone wise that sniffs out you have an op however small makes you a target.
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  7. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    you know this brings the thought to mind... How long does it last in vacuum sealed bell jars? Never had any amount like this on hand before so I don't know
  8. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    you prob don't want to vacuum seal just yet. if you do, in a few months it turn to shit.

    jars are good, burping them is great for a the first month at least, if not longer. you may wish to read up on curing as that is something that takes some practice.

    but vacuuming packing weed that's not cured makes turns the smell to crap. found like 5 ozs once in my closet that this happened with and it smelled terrible. you'll see people do it, but that's mainly for transporting it, not for long term storage
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  9. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    about a month in now. I have been burping them for a bit now. I am just thinking this will take a while to consume so....
    I was also thinking of getting some of those hydration packs. Not sure though (not the 72 though. just an example)
  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    I've actually been trying these myself in the jars, just the 62 and 55s though. They actually seem to work somewhat, but they shouldnt be substituted for actually checking on your product.

    Honestly I would stick to burping in the jars for another few weeks, you shouldn't have to open them like you were at the point, then maybe consider one of the 55s for a longer term storage solution..I WILL STRESS, STILL CHECK ON THE PRODUCT. I tried the 62 in a dried jar that had a 55 and you could notice it did bring back moisture, so they do work somewhat. but it's not a sub for curing

    I have a little place in the woods, we try to keep the place stocked up so we don't have to travel as much carrying (not in a legal nor friendly state). Noticed the jar I thought was fine that we took down earlier this year smell was slightly off, the smoke was still great, just not what we kept at home. They still need a breathe of air every now and then. curing is an art, hell i don't even think i've mastered it yet and been growing for years and years. But then again, I rarely kept weed long enough since my wife and i smoke a fair amount

    and like i said earlier, vacuum packing isn't the best idea unless it's for transporting. I did have a nice find, but it was something I wouldn't put my name on, you know
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  11. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Vacuum packing works fine if you dry and cure properly and then freeze it. I tried those bovida packs when I first started growing, didn't care for them, seemed to be more trouble than they were worth. A good cure is key.
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  12. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    just curious on why you are freezing it?

    I have used freezer and fridge before trying to cure to get rh right, but always worried that it would make trichs more brittle (because I do that to help with hash making)

    and shit, I just got turned on to those packets things a few months ago in the hydro store, had it for like $0.25 each so i said wtf, ill try it. didn't know theyve been out forever, but then again, my area is like 10 years behind on everything lol

    about curing, read as much as you can.....but honestly it doesn't matter in my opinion, you learn that by doing, no amount can tell you the smell that you smell, the firmness but not brittle, etc etc except experience
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  13. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    any suggestions on a good guide? if anything mine dried out too fast I think.
  14. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    use the search box in the corner, there's a sticky also.

    over drying kills the cure according to most, but if they are in a jar check what RH the jar is, you may be surprised you wanna shoot for about 55% from my experience, then again this is an art, i can tell you what i do, but your environment might be different and copying me wouldn''t produce the same results if that makes sense.

    if you aren't dry enough, then you get the cat piss smell of ammonia and air out, dry a little more, then start again.

    it's an actual process that breaks it down, thus the burping because of the bacteria.

    you can take the same smoke that you are proud of, cure it correctly and be amazed. I remember the first time I fully cured out chocolate rain and was actually surprised it was my pot and it did smell like chocolate, not just good i knew i grew it, jarred it, etc, and was humbled and proud to say check this out and show off private stash after a few months

    if you are just growing for yourself and not moving all that you have, learn this so you can have great smoke thru the time in between grows. I don't want to lump everyone in the same cat, but most of us that grow all the time don't cure as much as we should because it turns into a biz and more about turning over product vs making the best product (you gotta find your happy ground in between), but stuff solely for personal use....try to cure, and keep trying it. do different things to different jars.

    personally I don't like the pop the lid open stuff. when i burp, I get a shirt box (the plain white ones) and dump the jar and leave it sit out in the air. that could be for 20 minutes or it could be for hours, it depends what the temps and RH are at in the house. that's why i say experience matters more than words on the web

    it's very hard to explain properly, but it's a skill you wanna learn, like I said, you will be surprised by your own pot. I know I was....but then again I came from a school of 'I want everything gone by 2 weeks after chop, week one was to dry, week 2 was to move it' personal stash now gets the royal treatment
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  15. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    I've used the Boveda 62 packs for a couple of cures. They seem to work well, but do leave the bud ever so slightly too wet for immediate use. I remove enough bud from the jar so that it can sit out overnight and then it smokes fine. I also notice a slight "Boveda" taste in the bud if I don't allow it to dry before use. This is not really a problem.

    The last time I dried a crop, I felt I overdid it by about one day. Adding the Boveda packs about a week after jarring seemed to help the cure proceed normally and the cured bud tastes good. I'm not so sure this would have been the case without the packs.

    They aren't a substitute for proper jar burping at the beginning of the cure and given a choice, I'd wait at least a couple of weeks before putting the packs into the jars.
  16. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    I hung it until the centers were the only thing damp. I cut it and put it in a 6 tiered basket thing because I was affraid of mold. Then because I had to scrape a ton of the trichs off the floor with a credit card I decided to totally destem and pack it into the jars. I opened them for a couple hours every day, then every other and now I am at 4-5 days and I dump it out once a week to check for mold. I have been rehumidifying it when I thought it was a little dry by raising the humidity of the room to about 65-70% and leaving the jars open. Instead of constant monitoring of the RH I have been opting to open a case of jars then putting it and an rh meter into the bag for a few hours about once a week then coming back and seeing what it says. I know I am too dry to press it and I thought I would get the humidity packs to bring the stuff I wanna try that with back to a descent moisture level. I wouldn't mind something to keep some of it a little moister for longer term curing/storage either for that matter (because I think this might take me a minute to finish up :D ).
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  17. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    I just noticed we use different brands, ive trying integra which has 55% my feeling is thats a little better.

    Sounds like youre on the right path

    You just have to find what works for you in your garden. Every situation is different. Each season is different as far what you need to do learn from experience not a book. Rh where i am is incredibly low in winter so stuff out less, summer more. If its raining etc.

    But youve done every right so far, congrats. Get you a small quart jar or two, fill it with your favorite nugs then stash it in a few weeks. By the time you go to smoke it you should be pleasantly surprised...but do check on it for smell, air exchange
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  18. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Rather than using those pack things, when I let them dry too much I always wet a paper towel and put everything in a Glad bowl and close the lid with one or two wet paper towels. It brings the moisture back without an after taste and you can proceed to cure from there. I also let them cure by dumping into bowls rather "burping" the jars. I always figured that the top of the jar will dry out and the bottom stay wet so I just let them all dry equally.
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  19. Doug_xx2

    Doug_xx2 Active Member

    good info thanks guys :)
  20. Look interesting mate. Looks like i am also going to buy them...

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