Herb's 2018 outdoor grow.

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    I’ll be watching. Good kitty!
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    Update as of July 9th 2018:

    Got all my cages built and installed now. The girls are doing quite nicely but I'm really torn on whether or not to top them. For now I'm going to let them continue untouched and see what comes of it. If they start to get too tall I can always extend the cages upwards.

    OutdoorGrow 07 09 18 017.jpg

    OutdoorGrow 07 09 18 010.jpg
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    Update July 16th:

    The girls are doing well and getting big. I've begun to train lateral branches through the cages. Also have a couple of small, blue predators in the grow keeping nasty, bad, unwanted critters at bay.

    OutdoorGrow 07 16 18 001.jpg

    OutdoorGrow 07 16 18 002.jpg

    OutdoorGrow 07 16 18 008.jpg

    OutdoorGrow 07 16 18 009.jpg
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    Herb's Air Force...
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    That's pretty good Smokey. :roll:

    Even the right color. :idea:

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