Inaccurate Ingredient Labels on Pesticides

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by GrassNGlass, Jul 25, 2016.

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    I just read that a lawsuit has been started because a pesticide designed for organic cannabis growing was using ivermectin as an ingredient but not listing it. I've never used Guardian Mite Spray before but I find it highly frustrating that this kind of deception is happening for people trying to grow a commodity as a medicine. The manufacturers of Guardian Mite Spray are claiming simple ignorance is the reason they didn't add ivermectin to the list of non-toxic ingredients like cinnamon. It seems a bit more intentional to me, sadly.
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    To be clear, organic pesticides are not necessarily safer than chemical pesticides. Pesticides are Pesticides.

    Honestly through a hot shot strip up for about 48 hours and your problem is solved and you used way less Pesticide.

    Your going to run into this problem until marijauna is reclassified and even then it will happen somewhat but at least people will be able to use usda certification standards and inspectors. But right now organic standards aren't really standards in the marijuana industry. People are using way to much of organic products because they think it's totally safe and it's really not, plus you are most likely leaving residue on the bud's and mites are prob building tolerance vs dying.

    But if you want to end the war instead of fighting the daily battle, hot shot that room for a couple days then you should be good.

    Also, read the article, all natural is not organic, it's not the same thing at all, organic meets a legal definition, natural does not....just so others know that. Many companies use natural claim and not organic, specially in regards to hydro...but that's a different topic.

    Only organic way to figet mites in my humble opinion is not to get them in the first place, if you do, get out the nuke and call it a day or you'll fight harvest after harvest after harvest and I'm betting mite shit is more harmful than a bud exposed to strip for a few hours
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    I'm with you on this one Nip. Even an OMRI certification can be misleading sometimes. My rule of thumb is if it says "Natural" instead of OMRI certified or "Organic"on the label I should look at the MSDS before using.

    In my "organic" gardens I use dichlorvos (Hot Shot Pest Strips) almost every grow. It's not organic but does the job of prevention better than anything else I've found, and I don't have to spray the buds with anything. A trade off of neem or pyrethrin soaked buds vs a nonorganic with a half life that virtually assures no residue if used judiciously.
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    Yeah, I actually don't use Guardian Mite Spray so I have no personal beef against them. It's not even the "organic" or "all natural" marketing that bothers me. I think the part that is really misleading is listing all of these ingredients and somehow neglecting to mention the ivermectin. It just seems too shady. But you guys are right, it's still wild west rules right now so unless you're making your own pesticide, who knows what's in it.
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    I've never had any luck at all with hot shot strips

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