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    Solo cups are coco too.

    Big bud my water temps didn't help anything and I probably could have prevented it by colonizing the res with good microbes. Though what's crazy is everyone local is having issues with algal blooms and cyano junking up pool pumps even after shock treatment. And just like my dwc my buddies pool was worse than before 2 days after being shocked. So must be a lot of spores in the area. So it is possible I wasn't clean enough and contaminated the area. Similar to introducing pests like spider mites from outside. Definitely a strong reason for that issue with the most recent tub. So I wouldn't freak. LOL just pay attention and keep an eye out.
  2. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Well so I got my new jar attachment lid since I could never find my old one. Think I may have left it at the old apartment prior to moving into the house. Ehh whatever. $9 shipped. So what I'm going to trying experimenting with is accelerated cures with vacuum sealing and placing jars in a warm environment. One of the walk in closets I leave the door closed on all the time and it gets pretty warm in there. So I'm going to try not only using the vacuum sealer jar attachment but see if the elevated temperature under vacuum causes an accelerated final dry and cure. Because under vacuum the vapor point over water decreases. As water evaporates it causes pressure, as it increases it negates the vacuum it was put under and the top will be loss again. Going to have to try and monitor to see at first about how long it takes for the jars to placed back under vacuum. Which still there are many variables like how dense a strain is and how much moisture was in it to begin with once introduced. Also, think I'm going to order some butane and have my hand at a BHO extended extract, been years. Going to see if I can find or the lab has any expendable glassware that's going to be trashed that's still safe to use that I could create a closed system to recycle the tane at least to some extent. I'd done something similar twice in the past but I'm not sure I have the required stuff and if it's not readily available not going to even risk hunting it down. Glassware is so crazily monitored. Hell I have to have DEA clearance to order 20mL Erlenmeyer flasks. Yeah let me tell you how much meth you can cook up in that tiny thing.... LOL But.... with the sealer I can use it on the extended extractions to remove moisture, then freeze, then remove more, then also allow for any extra purge during winterizing. Propane and butane will evolve under vacuum much easier than the ethanol from the grain alcohol. So anyways.... Here a couple little tiny pics. Sorry I'm blitzed and... Hey anyone want to join me for dinner. Think I cooked too much for my little 145lb ass. LOLAnd incase you are wondering. No the outter screw lids do not need to be on. You vacuum seal it without them. You could put them on after to secure and somewhat maintain that vacuum. What I'm trying it leaving them off all together at first to see if I can get somewhat regular intervals between resealing.






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    I wish I could join you for dinner.

    I read your earlier post about curing under vacuum and I'm keen for this. I'd like to have a method to speed up my cures times, especially in humid summer months.
  4. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Here man. Check this out. Here is the vacuum sealer I have and the attachment. I signed up for an amazon card and got $20 off I think it was. So I ended up paying ~$30 for both(vacuum sealer and attachment) shipped. I actually liked the ziplock on better than my old food saver so I gave that to a bud for a couple drinks. LOL


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    Cool dude. Thank you. I'm takin the plunge on payday :thumbs-up:

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    I always wondered if that would work. I'd seen a show on the learning channel some time back on how industry removes water from whatever. They were showing how evaporated milk was reduce down. Hell, all they did was hook a vacuum pump to the top of the tank and sucked the moisture out in no time.

    Like you said, as the air was removed the water vaporized and took it's place

    then sucked right on out.

    Be Cool, CG
  7. DXE

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    I have been wanted to try this - just ordered this - any tips???
  8. ResinRubber

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    Interested to see if 27hg is enough vacuum? That's the best performance I've gotten from a food vac.
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  9. skunky

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    Pretty simple. Just make sure the line is connected flush on both ends. Helps to twist the connector to get it in. Make sure and press the two corners of the vacuum sealer just add you would for bags. Put center metal lid piece on only. Press the attachment on to the jar. Turn on. You can build vacuum faster if you press on right side cover, but not necessary. Then let it go and seal the jars. You will hear the air pumps tone change, once it gets are higher pitch and levels out only go 5-10 secs. Press camel button to stop. Them just pull the attachment off the lid.

    Res one thing is for sure the amount of vacuum it creates makes it very difficult to remove the lids. They are sucked on the tight! 10 seconds is Damn hard to remove after. LOL You will have to use both thumbs to open. Like the jar is champagne and the lid is the cork.
  10. DXE

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    So basically you go from drying rack to vacuum jars with no in between burping period?
  11. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Yeah. But I'm going to try speeding up the burping with the vacuum. Right now vacuum the jars and let them sit in a warm closet. Burp re vacuum. On the stuff that's dying still when it goes into the jars I'm going to try a warm water bath and vacuum let set for a couple minutes pop seal. Re vacuum and repeat a bunch of times within an hour or something. Idk going to play with it. In the past I had sealed the jars and burp for 15 minures or so twice a day and reseal each time. That did a good job of just making a cure of a little over a week seem like out had been curing much longer.
  12. DXE

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    my sealer will be here Monday (same setup as you) and I have a JBKO run in the drying rack now so will start the experiment next week :)
  13. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Nice. And I changed my mind about the closet deal. It's hot outside... So I just took a spare tub and put the sealed jars in it. Then covered the tub with panda plastic so it's light tight. I'm sure the black will warm it up a little more too. So I'll see how this goes vs water bath.
  14. ResinRubber

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    There's def a solid vacuum. I've used a food vac and jars to purge BHO when doing multiple strains. I just set a vac and forget about them for a week or so in a warm place. The lids are so tight I usually need to set a purge valve to get them off...but so far can only reach 27hg. So it's good for 'tane purge but seems to leave quite a bit of moisture.

    Thinking if you're burping the jars, why not drill a small hole in the lid and cover it with vinyl tape? To burp you'd just lift the tape then set back under vacuum. Here's an example on a thermos BHO lid.


    Under vacuum.

  15. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Yea I thought of that but what I'm curious about is the vapor point of water under vacuum. And with frequent vacuum purge cycling could essential speed up some of the process. Since if you don't cycle the air through the jar the moisture will remain constant inside as it was when originally sealed. So I want to try to provoke it to release moisture into the jar by means of vacuum and applied slight heat, that will cause pressure to build slightly then release vac and reseal. Of course a true cure will help with conversion of THC-A to THC and so forth. But I'm just more interested to see if I can return the terpene profiles faster so the buds regain their smell and taste better. Might have to try the tape though see how it works. Got plenty of that damn gorilla tape laying around. I'm sure I'll try multiple things. But that would make it easier to remove the damn lids for sure. LOL
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    this is cool

    this is cool

  17. skunky

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    Meant to post up dry numbers. I had 3.5oz before chopping the two larger plants and solos. That ended up at 3.2oz. Then got 3.3 for chunky diesel and 2.6 for jd. Do a total of 9.1oz. Add the solo cups. I got 1oz off one of the galaxy cups. 1/2oz off both the other galaxy and the sweet tooth. Then 10g off the td cup. So with the cups 11.46oz total. Glad I the put the solos in there.
  18. friendlyfarmer

    friendlyfarmer Rollin' Coal

    Damn near three quarters of a pound. Damn.


    Great job. And what will you do diff next time to get even more?
  19. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Going back to coco. LOL trying a different light arrangement too. Just to try to spread and concentrate the foot print. Going to give the canna nutes another shot. So far all's well. I'll post up pics tonight when I water. Think I have 8-~2 air pots, two 2 gal smart pots and like idk 10 or so solo cups at various stages. LOL

    Yield man I'm so glad I had extra clones I could throw in otherwise I'd be disappointed. Only 2 of the 6 dwc plants yielded good at all. If it weren't for the cd jd and solos it would have pretty much been a waste of time. I would have liked to meet our better my goal though without the solos I would have been a good ways off. So now to see if I can reach that 13oz mark. Without the solos I was sitting at something like .74 g/w of light and .93 I think with the dolos. Now to try and get something decently over 1. 13oz would be 1.05g/w just considering the wattage from the lights at the wall. 345w.
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    I like the idea of sticking solo cups in there with extra clones. A little extra here and there is a nice thing. I'd give it a shot but then that would mean a table or something to hold them up high and would take the place of another bucket.

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