LED grow round 2

Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by toshin, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Hoo boy.... ok. Stop. Just stop.

    Nip, the leaves are all gnarly because they were treated with alcohol. It's like taking Round Up herbicide to your garden. That's what poison does to plants.

    Toshin, if you get mold regularly the problem is usually airflow, not RH. Even 70% RH is no big deal if you have mass amounts of airflow keeping everything fresh, while a relatively low 40% RH can be the kiss of death in a garden if it has limited airflow. Sealing your garden tighter without increasing airflow will only exacerbate a mold problem. That said, ideally a cannabis garden should be at 50% or less RH during late flower. Prior to flowering anything under 75% RH is acceptable.....as long as you have adequate airflow.

    In my climate I run my gardens at 60-80%RH and 80F during July and August as a cost saving measure. I can do this because of lots of airflow. It's key to everything. Not suggesting you try this...but using it as an example of how the balance works. It's easy to push the boundaries once you understand how they interrelate to one another and what the plant needs in any given conditions, but you gotta settle down and do the basics first. Temp (which apparently is quite good), lighting (weak), airflow (weak?). Fix those before anything else. You'll see the improvements immediately.

    Being a dirt farmer I got no solution for your drifting PH. That's one for those techno advanced smart guy hydro-heads.
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  2. nippie

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    ahhh....dwc. send a pic of the roots and is there any stink? are you running h2o2 with fox farms? what are you doing to clean in between water changes, how often you changing etc etc

    ok, i thought you were dirt, should of looked back on first page to remind myself.

    i don't see the ph complaint, i can prob help with that if you having one....it's super simple, ditch fox farms and use lucas formula until you know what you are doing.

    PH drifting is normal, depending on what you are saying. You're solution is either to weak or strong depending on which way it heads....looking at the plants, i'm guessing way to strong. you can double check this with ppm meter as plants are prob in to strong of a solution and eating more water than nutes which just makes the problem worse and it's a continuing cycle.

    ditch the buckets, don't get hyped buying all this stuff. go to hempys, dirt or coco.

    DWC is not to begin growing with!!!! Only a few can pull that off, you are creating problems that you don't need when you are learning.

    best advice i can give, start with the basics
    -use the buckets for soil or hempys
    -use lucas, no boasters, no anything, just lucas 0-08-16..prob can start off 0-6-12
    -your temps are great, move air and keep RH down
    -better lighting is need also
  3. ResinRubber

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    Forgot to add.... keep up the good attitude. Nice to see a new grower willing to learn.:beerchug:
  4. ducrider

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    In my head all along I been thinking the root of your problems is lack of air flow, specifically lack of sufficient air blowing over the plants. Over feeding aside.

  5. SuperMoChombo

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    I'm with the back to basics clan. The last pics look like reveg to me. Check your light cycles on the timer then watch a sunrise and sunset to make sure timers are working correctly. Not usually being in the flower room during dark cycle it can be easy to overlook but devastating in effect. Damhikt
  6. toshin

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    Thanks all for the advice. I've redone many things in the flowering room and once I get my water leaks under control I'll be moving clones in and flowering them. I've reduced the number of plants to 4, have significant air circulation, sealed the room nearly completely, and have added a water reservoir with pump to the system. I've also sterilized the room with ozone

    Learning quite a bit as I go along. Next thread will have some better results. I've got my cloning and vegging process down pretty solid now. Once I clear out the vegging room I'll be planting some good seeds I picked up recently.
  7. toshin

    toshin Active Member

    Great tip on checking this. The window that I thought was well blocked was in fact not. I spent some time in there and with the lights off it was quite apparent. That has been fixed and I am quite hopeful my next round will be better. So far it is going well, I'll start up another thread on it here once I get some good pictures.
  8. Justcheckingitout

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    I had great luck my first time doing dwc. Check the sticky thread CCreate has at the top of the hydro fourm "DWC questions" my dwc branches fall all over the place because there was just so much growth that I had to suport stuff. But check that thread out, its some great reading.
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  9. SuperMoChombo

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    All I ever did was copy what CC did. Well him and MGJ. And Nippie. And Res. Lol.

    That thread your talking about is awesome! I've read it many times.
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    The tumbler is a must have staple for those farmers like me that dont make other Concentrates. That faster motor is just the right speed, that place you hooked me up with SMC had one stop shopping on screen and motot and clamps didnt it, way cool and alot of options they have. That hydro thread is the bomb, cc, GIT. Well there are alot to name all that helped with my questions so i was able to by pass alot of newbie mistskes and I learned the true meaning of witch craft buds. The 5ml h2o2 a gallon tip was golden.
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  11. SuperMoChombo

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    That was the comment that drew me in. Some euro member posted " its bloody witchcraft!" or something like that.

    There is a lot to be said for growth so fast you can almost see it real time. Scary. Like the plants are possessed. I've see some rdwc systems that were just off the charts. Buds the size of footballs.

    But it's hard to control. A lot of the buds get fluffy-big because they grow up to the light. I had a blueberry that grew up past the hood and wrapped around it like freakin Virginia creeper.
  12. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Yeah, i looked back on a led thread and feel dumb now, because it was the dwc that got me a week faster buds, not the led like I posted. Thats what I get for doing both at the same time getting high and posting. Lol.

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