May Donald Trump's Soul Rot in Hell

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SuperMoChombo, Feb 11, 2017.

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    Gotta add per.iods. Stops the nonsense
  2. ResinRubber

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    So think the US still has any credible bargaining power with our nearest neighboring country? Past Mexican President Vicente Fox. Pretty amazing a world leader did an eat shit's pretty damn funny too:roflmao:

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  3. mytwhyt

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    To bad this thread turned so toxic, we still could have had a lot of fun with it.. Who was it that said it can't get worse? Nip i think.. Remember when the Kings name was Ronald, the question was, What did he know, and when did he know it? The stock answer was, Nothing, and Never... If the same question were asked of a King named Donald, the answer would have to be , Everything, and Always..
    Nowadays our news world is consumed with what movie mogul was trying to fuck who and when, and who laid down on a 14 year old boy 30 years ago... Who gives a rats ass whether Kevin Spacey would rather suck it than fuck it... I'm still gonna be following King DT to see what he's going to do, and to whom he's going to do it.... We'll be hearing a lot of, please pardon me mister president..

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Trump is a DICKHEAD!!!! An arrogant dickhead to be more accurate. The only reason he ran was for the attention and the vision of the power the office could bring him and his family. His 2 favorite words are ME and I. And if any of you poor souls really think he gives a fuck about you go ahead and bend over and find out.
    Be Cool, CG
    ps, How do you tell if Trump in lying (again)? Simply watch for the shit on his lips to move!!
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  5. Green Goblin

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    In a government operating via "super delegates" and lobbyists as opposed to the will of the people, creating laws with unread and unrelated earmarks, how is it the biggest thing worth complaining about is the puppet face? Engineered public sentiment.

    What we call news today is nothing more than entertainment for sheeple, and a tool to be used by those with power to further otherwise questionable ideologies.
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    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Man, you're right, I have to agree with everything you said!!! We have a damn lobbyist running for Gov. here in Va. Made millions upon millions lobbing for huge Corps like Enron. Goes into Washington with two huge pockets of money. One for him if he can accomplish the mission, and the other to line the pockets of the right people. Then wants me to believe he'll work for the common citizen.

    And yeah, the cable news networks anymore are just a bunch agenda pushers using a few twisted facts and a bunch of BS to lead the weak minded into the darkness.
    Be Cool, CG
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  7. ResinRubber

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    Still a piece of shit.

    And any growers still on this board who still support this fucked up shithole of a human being are bereft of all human decency. Period. End of story. Your a fool, a cultist, a rube who hasn't learned how to know when they've been conned.

    Honestly, at 50+++ years old I've never actively hated any one group of people. Ever.
    I can't say that anymore. There's one group of people I hate and believe belong isolated from the rest of society...and that group is Trumpist cult members. They've actively become a mirror of the Westboro Baptist church crowd.
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  8. Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky Hurricane wrestler.......

    generalizations speak volumes about the speaker while lending ZERO credibility to the speaker
    Irony is this I have never seen so much hate spewed by liberals until this recent election
    If this is the "change" that you <ResinRubber> want I'm 100% against it

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  9. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    I won't even post it here, find it yourself. A dead father and daughter Rio Grande. Thank you Donald. They tried to legally apply for asylum and were turned away. Told the border gate was "closed". Which it is not. Children warehoused in conditions that violate even the bare minimum of Geneva Convention care for POW's. Even if you view their parents as lawbreakers, this administration is warehousing children. What's worse is they're doing with for profit prison corps at a cost of $775 per day, per child. So folks are profiting from mistreatment of children. Thank you Donald.

    People who treat children this way, no matter how they came into contact with those children, are amoral and simply too dishonest to deal with rationally.
  10. Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky Hurricane wrestler.......

    So you want to blame the President for something he doesn't even have the power to change?
    the President cannot change the laws only congress can do that
    That wont happen until after the election
    I feel sorry for you dude
    Media shows you terrible picture and tells you who to blame and you follow the misinformation blindly like a sheep...
    Only congress has the power to change laws and we know who is running congress right now
    Open your eyes son, this is a political ploy to make folks like yourself mad at a guy who cant change the law
    Trump has already said on many occasions he doesn't like whats happening at the border and has called upon congress to write new laws
    I hope you can 1 day see beyond the manipulation the media is doing and find some facts
    Everything you have complained about was set into motion by Democrats
    The laws regarding immigration and the separation of families were written by Democrats..Passed by Democratic presidents.
    Do some research that doesn't involve mass media and find out for yourself

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  11. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Of course, he's powerless to reverse his own policy. How stupid of me! Donald the powerless President. I see it now...thank you. (sarc)
    You're pathetic. This is why the cultists are worthy of scorn, the disingenuous denial runs deep and cannot be breached.

    By Session's and Trump's definition these children are victims of a crime. Since when do we start warehousing victims for weeks/months? Where's the pictures of dead children and parents from previous administrations? How many children died in US internment camps during previous administrations?

    To think I don't research or don't read or haven't remained informed is another facile tool of the Trumpidiots. They assume because they're guzzlers, you are too. To them it's just a matter of what/whom you guzzle.

    Administration attorneys just tried to argue we don't need to provide toothpaste, soap, or blankets to detained children. Yeah, his White House sure gives a damn. Instead of arguing to reduce detainees, they argue we should be able to mistreat the ones we got.

    Yet you and yours treat him as our infallible savior. Rube.
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  12. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    To those of us not Trumpian... the cruelty looks to be the feature of the plan, not the bug. Supporters of this shithole President seem to revel and find glee in this type of suffering of the "others" or they find ways to deny accountability rather than understand the inhumanity.

    Joe Rogan said it best, "He's not even on team human."
  13. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    He's a miserable shitty excuse for a human being as I've ever seen and he's done nothing but bring out the very worst of both supporters and opponents alike. How could anyone listen to him and come away with any other conclusion is beyond me.
  14. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    The worst in all of us, me included. My breaking point with any grower supporting Donnie Tiny Hands was when Jeff Sessions entered the arena as AG. At that point there is no more nice. A life long Prohibitionist who's legislation has destroyed the lives of countless thousands of growers and users of cannabis. Yet the guzzlers still worshiped at the Cheeto choad altar by defending a cannabis Prohibitionist.

    Cannabis growers defending a cannabis Prohibitionist as Attorney General of the United States. Wrap your head around that one.

    Imagine at a local 81 Church meeting some cat stands up and nominates a Mongol for Sergeant at Arms for the club and another goofball in the back seconds the nomination? That's the level of betrayal we're talking about.

    From there on out it's been no holds barred and I'll not feel badly for treating some deluded growers the same way their President treats everybody else.
  15. Max Rockatansky

    Max Rockatansky Hurricane wrestler.......

    resin your name calling really shows your true colors son
    I dont care what he says
    I dont care what he tweets
    I only care that he is taking care of America like he said he would
    He is the only President that has done exactly what he campaigned on
    thats why he has my support
    I must say the Orlando rally was an eye opener for sure
    Only media supported "protesters" and thousands upon thousands of Presidential supporters
    lowest unemployment in decades
    best economy in decades
    end of war on the Korean peninsula
    along with many other foreign policy milestones
    Americans released from illegal captivity at a record pace
    i really cant understand whats so horrible?
    You guys must not support a successful economy
    I'd rather have opportunities instead of handouts....
    Anyways maybe 1 day you can make your points without childish name calling and immature generalizations but that up to you


    I just realized he has deported more gang members than any President ever
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  16. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Mad Max, be careful. You don't want to overload their brain with facts. That's the one thing that the people like Res can't handle. Never let some stupid thing like facts get in the way of their hatred for a President who is leading us in the right direction and showing just how to keep their promises. They believe the people who run on the same policies for 30 years, yet they never fix them, they just say they will, then run on the same policies that they didn't fix in the first place. Besides that, they have probably made the same policies that they "promise" they'll change. Hey, I see their point......Why elect somebody who tells you the truth? I guess my days here are numbered.

    "The worst in all of us, me included. My breaking point with any grower supporting Donnie Tiny Hands was when Jeff Sessions entered the arena as AG. At that point there is no more nice. A life long Prohibitionist who's legislation has destroyed the lives of countless thousands of growers and users of cannabis. Yet the guzzlers still worshiped at the Cheeto choad altar by defending a cannabis Prohibitionist.

    Cannabis growers defending a cannabis Prohibitionist as Attorney General of the United States. Wrap your head around that one."
    Yet you probably like Kamala Harris. How many people has she sent to jail for doing the same exact thing that she brags about doing at the same time.

    The immigration laws are the same laws that the Obuma administration used. Just because some fool that can't swim tries to go across a river with a little child that can't swim and they drown doesn't make the President responsible. That solely lays at the feet of the adult who tried to cross a river. Maybe if our immigration policies against ILLEGAL immigrants were stronger and we didn't offer free handouts to all ILLEGALS, maybe they would stay where their hearts and homes are. Nobody is forcing them to leave their homes and walk for hundreds of miles in the desert or swim across a river just for free shit.
    You may say that I guzzle Trump juice but at least it's not recycled juice that , apparently the side you seem to have picked and pitted yourself against ANYBODY that doesn't feel the same way you do ( how very inclusive of you, by the way. So much for a free country and the right to my own thoughts), have been spewing around for decades.
    All I know is that I can see very clearly. I haven't had the wool pulled over my eyes for decades. So, how's the view from your angle? It bet it's pretty dark having to look at the inner workings of your intestines. ( Now in Trumpian, that means you have your head up your ass. No sugar coating it. Truth and facts to you seem to be like a silver cross and wooden stake is to a vampire.

    Over and probably out.
  17. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Wall-o-text. If you're out, good fuckin' riddance traitor. We don't need you. GK is dying anyway and in the possible last days I'd rather not lend my knowledge to people who supported a man who wants me in jail and actively fights against cannabis. Sessions was your man's boy and you never spoke a peep about a cannabis Prohibitionist being made top cop in the country. Go fucker, go guzzle the cheeto load. You guys don't even bother to wipe your chin any more.

    You don't give or add anything to GK so why would anybody miss your sorry ass? No grow threads, no bud shots, no grow advice. We won't be missing anything other than a guy who thought a Prohibitionist as AG was an awesome idea because he hated the same people they do.

    "I don't care." Profound Max...really profound. Peace with Korea? The ONLY person who claims that is your messianic leader. Tells me a lot that you believe it. Fact is we're in exactly the same spot we've been in for 50 years. The only difference is tRump and Kim Jong "are in love" and hold hands at a wall once in awhile. Romantic. Who do you think is the bottom?

    Bye Sports. Don't let the door hit you on the ass.
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  18. Discorilla

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    Division is what is desired from the powers that be. Both sides are of the same evil monster. This is why I don't do politics anymore.

    Think of it like wrestling promos. You've got the baby-face politicians (who are just actors) and the heel politicians (who are also actors). They both say whatever they think will get the best reactions regardless of them being good or bad ones.
  19. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

  20. Lvstickybud

    Lvstickybud Bongmaster

    Wall-O-Shit. That's you. Res that's fine that I won't be missed. I had plenty of bud shots and grows and gave advice when people needed. Your just a plain old asshole that thinks he is right and anybody that doesn't agree with him is against everything that you believe in. You are the worst kind of asshole. Are you sure you're not a politician? You sure act like one. I had a little respect for you a long time ago and lost it pretty quickly. If you weren't such an asshole I might feel sorry for you but you are just so much of a dick. This place may be dying and I can probably point to the start of it.......when you decided that just because we backed a Presidential candidate that you didn't like that somehow that made us traitors. So how long did it take the people you backed to legalize pot? Oh yeah that's right, you wasted your vote. All the assholes that you seem to back have had plenty of time to legalize shit and the just kept sticking their finger up your ass with promises and you bought it. You know what? You truly do suck. Asshole.

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