May Donald Trump's Soul Rot in Hell

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SuperMoChombo, Feb 11, 2017.

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    I hope everybody had a great 4th!!! I am a proud American. I am proud of my Country!!! I am proud of our President!!!
    Enjoy the fruits of our Service Men and Women!!!! Proud of our Armed Forces!!!!
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  2. nippie

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    This thread aged great.

    I wonder if res is turned into stalking veep, you know since she laughed about locking people up....of course not he voted for her.

    And supermo.....prob still sitting in jail for stalking his ex
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    What's up with you old head?
  4. nippie

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    Same as always, pissing on parades and chuckling about this thread, when I signed in had a ton of notifications.

    But as far as life, shit just trying to find land so I can live my life as I see fit.

    But rereading this thread is amusing, how nasty and down right vile some were.

    And now we have 2 people that spent their entire lives locking up growers in the white house and crickets....and not a single thing that some called people others names or degraded them over were remotely true. But not everyone is man enough to admit mistakes lol

    But me, I'm always going to do I want to do because laws are for people that need them.

    Also, I've stressed to some of the guys before in pms and openly here for years, for the guys doing legal or wanting to, start getting you certs in food industry standards. Pcqi, fdqi, haccp, harpc shit is the new standards and like I've been saying for a decade, industry is slowly rolling over to fda.
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    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Look me up the next time you get on this side of the planet. I'll be in SFO on the fifth of April if you're out this way.
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  6. nippie

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    I dont know that I will lol, you all got crazy covid restrictions. But I'm sure when things relax I'll be back out that way.

    One thing that is nice is that I still haven't to get my driver license or tags renewed and they expired a year ago lol.

    I think everyone needs to get over their covid thing and open back up. It was nice to hear cdc admit that they 'errored' on 6' stance because it wasn't based off science.....thats a nice way of saying sorry to millions whom have had their lives destroyed from a cold/flu virus

    Now if only people could stop worshipping fauci because he's legit been wrong about every single thing he's said...we could return to normal and travel.
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  7. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Lol, long story but that's why I'm in sfo, to get my second covid shot. I'll be fucking invincible then.
  8. mytwhyt

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    If any of the 500,000+ that died had any last words they would have been "I can't breath". I a roundabout way DT had his knee on the neck of at least half of them.. Get my second shot on the 15th.. Unless I know you, I still like the 6 foot rule..
    This is the last project I've been working on. It's the sand cast mold. It'll be 6"x6" cast in aluminum and will fit the trailer hitch receiver of my truck..
  9. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Let me know if your pecker falls off. I plan on staying healthy by licking door handles


    Also, got to say I'm a fan of the 6 ft as well

    On the other, not so sure about those numbers.

    Dying from something is different than dying with something.

    Over 100k + deaths on biden, with treatments and vaccines....also while quietly changing standards of what a case should be considered.

    My biggest issue with covid is the absolute lack of science while saying the word science as much as possible.

    If we used same standards with covid virus as others, chicken pox would be deadliest plague in human history.

    Odd how millions of kids have dropped out of school since pandemic started, millions more are so behind they will never catch up. And others have gone to school thru out this entire thing without a single death or hospitalization in the district. And how the same people that want schools to stay closed send their kids to private schools. Next year the fact the kids don't have an education it will be called a 'systematic' problem

    Same can be said with buisiness, some of us have worked throughout the entire thing, others have had their biz destroyed by government overreacting...still others don't care because they made more last year sitting on their ass collecting a gov check

    But at least no more orange man
  10. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    smoking BananaNot afraid of no covid shot. Hell man, they gave me swine flu vaccination in 76. Now that was one fucked up shot. As for the orange man... I voted for him the first time. Didn't vote the at all this time. DT has the right message bit he's just one off the rails crazy mf. Hope those door handles work out for you man.:bushdumb:
  11. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    And hier fauci just said that the astrazenaca shpt was made with modified chimp dna. Hard pass on that one. Lmao.

    20210322_082220.jpg 20210322_082212.jpg
  12. mytwhyt

    mytwhyt Established Healthy Roots

    Whatever puts you on the road to death puts you there.. If you have personal enhancers that quicken it, well that's your own problem.. To fine a point to argue.. If anyone has a choice, most would not choose to die alone.. In DT you have a man who saw his beat chance to win was to pit the Christian right, against the Christian left.. Those who see themselves as the good Christians, and are willing to tell you what to do with your body, and those they see as the bad Christians..
    None of them put country first if it doesn't fit their own agendas.. Now the worm has turned and is likely to turn even more. As to the children, I'm not even gonna go there.. I just try to keep my dog up so the dam school bus doesn't run over it.. Not that they don't care, they're just going to fast to stop.
  13. nippie

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    Sadly, his craziness was one of the reasons i liked him, but I did agree with a lot of his policies.

    Well now that I know that it contains 'monkey spunk' and some poor guy had to give a chimp a handy im totally down for getting it. (Before someone says anything, I know that's not what it means, it's a joke)

    But considering the fuhrer said you still have to mask, you can't visit family, etc even if you get vaccine, what's point of vaccine?

    Literally all of this is nonsense, recovery rate is 99...point what?
    I'm not totally following you on this. I'm not Christian, actually not many in my part of country are (catholics yes, but other doms not so much). But didn't really so to much how religion played into things. Maybe it did in other parts of the country, but here, not so much.

    But the school thing, I still have younger kids so it is an issue for me. Our district went full revolt though and told school basically they were opening or we would withhold property tax and force district into bankruptcy. When thousands of parents demand it, its amazing how quickly they listen. But not a single death or hospitalization all year in district. Granted, we all rotated taking turns because our kids were exposes putting them in quarantine, but even that hasn't happened in months.

    None of this shit is based in reality.

    But back to my bigger point on all this, reread the comments on this thread. Do you think thats acceptable? You think calling people cock suckers which was frankly one of the least offensive is ok? You know we are traitors etc, because sessions was going to arrest all the growers etc......mind you not a single case happened.

    But it's OK to support 2 people, one of which wrote the laws that put growers in prison for decades while providing the funding to build extra prisons? Or the veep that laughed about putting people in prison for pot?

    You see the difference?

    Actually lvs, with his Magic crystal ball called Harris out on the previous page, and look at res response.

    Damn lvs, give me lotto numbers.
  14. Lvstickybud

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  15. Lvstickybud

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    The people like Res just don't share the same feelings as most Americans. People like me believe that you have your thoughts and I have mine. You vote your way, I vote my way and let the cards fall where they may. I would never vote for someone just because I didn't like the other person running. That's just dumb. It's policies and actions, not whether I think someone's an ass or not. By those rules I would never watch sports as 99% of elite athletes are complete assholes. All politicians are complete assholes and that's why I will still support Trump. Those who didn't, thanks. I love paying more for gas, higher taxes and having plants like Ford send their money and rebuild their plants in foreign countries. It's amazing how in just 3 short months how Ford decided that Mexico was better for the wallet.
    Covid is a joke. 99.7 % recovery rate. Most that died had preexisting problems that even if they caught a cold would have died. I was looking at the CDC site around November and they had just about the same amount of deaths as there was for 2019. They also had nobody die of the flu or heart disease or pneumonia. It's amazing how everybody was lumped into the Covid death category instead of the actual cause but then again the government was giving extra money to hospitals that had to "deal" with Covid deaths so of course that was a great influence to list them all as Covid related. They were even caught listing a guy who died in a motorcycle crash as "Covid related". Well maybe he started to cough and couldn't see.
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  16. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Damn state lotto is too late today, are those good for Wednesday drawing?

    And dropping knowledge as always lvs, agree 100%

    It's funny reading stories a year later about the need to test the dead for covid....we had a murder suicide here last year that made news cuz they tested positive for covid.....I guess that's what did them in, not the small pc of lead traveling at 1200 ft per second.

    But you gotta get numbers up to justify response.

    And almost all covid deaths like you stated were preexisting, stage 4 cancer, covid. Heart attack, covid. Its absurd.

    Without a doubt some people have died, but same as flu....actually that's not true since that usually kills tens of thousands annually and didn't kill anyone last year.

    But like you also pointed out, hospitals were are paid more for covid, you want to get rid of covid, fine docs 10k per case, it will be gone in a week.

    It's funny how nyt and wapo actually came out after biden was inaugurated and argued positive cases shouldn't be counted anymore because test is too sensitive, like trump Saif all along.

    And I agree about everything else too.....weres aoc crying about the kids in the cages?

    But that's res problem also, he got asshurt about djt story that wasn't even true and couldn't control himself. Pretty sad, but showed his true colors.

    But the rest of my shit still stands, what are the people here that support the new admin? Hell I didn't even vote for sessions and look at the names I was called.
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    I know. I'd like to know what Res was thinking....nobody voted for Sessions. It's a non elected position. More kids are in cages now than when Obuma started putting them there. At least Trump was taking them out of there and putting them in hotels but I guess that went against all their rhetoric so they wouldn't report on that.
    Hospitals always were like that. I remember when my Grandmother died, many moons ago, as she had cancer ravishing her body, brain, lungs and her internal organs but when she died they listed it as pneumonia. Dumb. And we didn't need to wear a mask because,well, pneumonia's not lethal, right? Yet her death certificate says she died from it.
    Now on the subject of masks, it's amazing how if you read sights like the American Journal of Medicine and a couple of others, how they say masks don't work. In fact they are more dangerous because everything you expel from your nose and mouth get pushed out the sides of the mask at a greater velocity than without one. They also say that you can start to develop brain damage in as little as 25 seconds from lack of oxygen due to being constrained by the mask. I wear them as little as possible and when someone tells me I'm killing them because I'm not wearing one, I ask them then why are you still breathing? I'm not sick, I don't need a mask. If I was sick or in very poor health, then I would wear one. I like my mother to wear one but she has outlying problems.
    I also have reread these posts a number of times and I still stand behind what you and I have said for the most part. Well just about all of it.
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  18. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    And covid don't know 6 feet from 12 , mask from no mask or wally world from mom and pops down the street. We are all still free do what we want, regardless of what these nitwit politicians say.
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  19. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    And as for Res, right before he disappeared I gave him rooted cuts of my candyland. Never heard shit from him since. I know he's around cause I've seen his tracks a couple of times. My guess is hes reading this thread and sitting on his hands.
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    I remember when he had a disaster and I sent him back the clone only Trainwreck, the clone only SnoCap, Dabney and a couple of others. I guess I was ok then.
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