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  1. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    Hi! I'm misslolo, new to this site, I want to know eveyone's FAVE way to smoke, and I'm competing to be MissHighTimes! Please check me out and show your support! misshightimes.com/users/misslolo [​IMG] xox
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  2. JuggaloKing420

    JuggaloKing420 Just clownin around

  3. bLITzkRIEg420

    bLITzkRIEg420 sHAPesHIFTinG rEPTiLiAN

  4. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    high juggalo;)

    im down with the clown! :animbong:

    my bday is next week so im lookin up a sweet cheap vape
  5. CCrete

    CCrete Mr. Poopyfacepeepeehead

    Hey whats up Leo, how ya been?:icon_confused: :icon_scratch:
  6. bLITzkRIEg420

    bLITzkRIEg420 sHAPesHIFTinG rEPTiLiAN

  7. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still


    :welcome: to :GK: misslolo :wave:

    :gl: in the High Times contest. :redbong:

  8. bLITzkRIEg420

    bLITzkRIEg420 sHAPesHIFTinG rEPTiLiAN

    Mods... we need a little lion smiley!
  9. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    thanks for all the welcomes :D

    what's eveyone up to?
  10. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    boooooooooooo!!!!!!!! x 1000,000,000!!

  11. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    suhweet! :p what's ur HT name? scratch my back & i'll scratch your! thanks for the GL and luck to you too!
  12. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    Welcome to GK hon. Another home town girl on GK

  13. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    :welcome: to GK, hon! As HC said, glad to see another "local" hon on here! Good luck on your contest!
  14. AverageJoe

    AverageJoe papa oom mow mow

    :welcome: to :GK: misslolo :wave:

    Nice HT pics :thumbsup: very colorful

    So what brings ya by this way? Ya got any grows going? Planning on doing some gardening soon? Do tell :smokin:


    Any way we can help just ask.
  15. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    YAY :D thanks everyone for the awesome welcomes, I WELCOME YOU TOO :D

    I'm here to do a bit of shameless self promotion (don't forget to vote ;) )

    but I have grow some of my own buds :)

    This site is really sweet i've been browsing forums for grow tips and what not, deffinately have plans to further my garden :bongin:

    hang on..........i'll post a pik of my hg
  16. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Tits mean prizes here at GK! lol
  17. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

  18. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    i'm doing a photoshoot next month wearing nothing but tons of buds :shocked:
  19. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Geo's already covered the flower pic.

    You have to do something else.
  20. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest


    Not with buds skuzzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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