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  1. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    How You Doin?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. major

    major Begun Flowering

    Heeey , where have you been?[​IMG]

    My favorite!!!
  3. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Theres so many comments i could make about that pic, but im behaving :devil:
  4. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    yay :D :D :D :D

    thanks everyone for the welcomes and happy bdays and awesome glitter text hehe you all rock! ;)

    now i have money to buy myself an awesome hookah!!!

    my price range is $100 so if anyone has any site suggestions...........
  5. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    Since you're in B'more, take the hour or so trip to Georgetown/DC- there's a mall in downtown gtown and they sell hookah's in the Egyptian/Persian store there. I got a really, really, nice one there, with case, and supplies for around $80-. I believe it was made of hand-blown Romanian glass. Anyway, it's beautiful, and works great too. And it was a better then fair price IMO... Happy Belated Bday!
  6. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

  7. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    thanks! i'll have to check it out. usually when im in DC it's to go to a concert or shoot so i need to plan a head shop visit ;)
  8. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    thats a pretty hookah, lady!
  9. choker

    choker HIDING OUT

    How much is she?
  10. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    I paid $78, she's crystal and came with 13 FREE accessories including 2 boxes of shisha and coals :D bought it last night!
  11. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    AWESOME DEAL!!!:bong2:

    May I ask, where did you get it, it's gorgeous!!!
  12. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    certainly, @ hookahbuzz.com :) :animbong:
  13. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    ok GK i'm out, thanks for playing :)
  14. lukesmommy

    lukesmommy "lil doobie"

    another 420 doubleday for me...
  15. misslolo

    misslolo Germinated

    thanks hun you too :D peace!

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