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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Mrgreengenes, Oct 2, 2014.

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    going on a short ramble....

    As mods/admin we've had attorneys, felons, farmers, activists, programmers, business professionals, commercial growers, ex-law enforcement, ex-military, musicians, artists and craftsmen as contributors. Each has/had input in to the product that is called GK. We're all better for the hours each of these people have donated to our tiny corner of the interweb.

    Their contributions are not always valued by time spent or number of submissions. Often times the value becomes apparent only after many of them have left the site or gone back to regular membership or lurkers. MrA, for example, didn't revolutionize growing, he didn't develop grow guides or fertilization methods. He was a sincere source of gemutlichkeit that infected other members. That was his gift. A gift most sadly noticed as missing only after his passing.

    This is another reason mods are important to GK. Perhaps moreso than many other sites. They are allowed total interaction with membership with very few restrictions. In fact, it's expected of them. This allows GK mods to become the face of GK and best utilize whatever personal talents or gifts they have.

    fuck it. just being a stoned old head running misty at the keyboard.

  3. ResinRubber

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  4. Grown in Tx.

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    That's awesome man, I've been here since 08, never knew any of this till today.:goodjob:Vapor Bro's

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    When was the last time the "Yeti" left any footprints around here? Gone back to the deep dark woods of the far northwest?

    Be Cool, CG
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    Feb 2014 he shook the snow off his coat, then went right back out into the blizzard.
  7. Mrgreengenes

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    Herb is one elusive creature. I was a moderator because of him. He was one of my GK mentors.:thumbsup: Where ever you are Herb. :passit:

    CREATIVE GARDENER Cured Fat Sticky Bud

    Yeah it seemed kinda weird, different or whatever, when I return and didn't see the big hairy ugly face in any of the posts. He was a big help and influence in my early years here for sure.

    Be Cool, CG
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    I'm touched by the sentiment. I guess we all leave our mark. :smokin:

    Good to see that Skuzz hasn't changed a bit. :thumbs-up:
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    I don't think skuzzi will ever change herb. :redbong:
  11. Herb

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    I wonder if Skuzz needs a new avatar? :kidding:

    And no...he won't MrGJ. Only thing I'd like to see Skuzz change is his stance on guns, but hey.....someone needs to carry the bat I guess.:roffl:

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