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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by old fart, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. old fart

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    i know nothing of his situation,, but i hope we can bury this bullshit aswell, life is to short bro,, and this is just to small of a thing to hold grudges over,imo. i wish nothing but the best for him and everyone for that matter..
  2. TheApprentice

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    Yeah Snick,these were all things i was considering and contemplating during the vote and im sure everyone on here knows El-C to be a great cultivator aswell as a decent guy.I hope he DOES come back and put all this behind us(as a forum) cos i know El-C hates flamers(remeber his old sig>>"save your flaming for saturday night at the club) so maybe hes just had a bad day like all of us have had on here at some time?

    What snick says is true,hell he had to dump an arsenal of weapons and now he gotta make his way over the border after living years of the good life in his cancun paradise,id be pissed aswell but like i said in my last post,flaming new or returning members aint cool:eusa_naughty: and we ALL know that but El-C aint been banned,its like a one week chill out time,if hes reading this then maybe he'll smoke a fatty and come back in a few days all the better for it,if not take care El-C were one of the more colorful and interesting ppl i met on here and i hope you cross the border safely...i cant condone or back you up though bro cos even us mods aint immune from being banned for this type of shit and to be fair to newf,the guy had only just got here man and you lit a fire up under his ass.C'mon El-C,if the shoe was on the other foot you'd have been pissed.Newf was only trying to make contributions,he wasnt claiming it as his own,besides plagarism and the internet have been going on since day one,iv copy and pasted ons of times.Just wanted to back up Snicks words there.Peace:potleaf:
  3. link420

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    I'm not a weapons fan, especially not high powered semi automatics. A crying shame? WTF, I don't know about you guys...but I'm glad he can't bring that shit into the States. You think them weapons are conrtibute to something good?
  4. Cannagirl

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    Nope, I agree with ya. Maybe some people think they are cool "boy toys". But when I had a family member killed by an accidental gun shot, they became useless killing machines in my eyes :(
  5. Shine Down

    Shine Down plays in cabinets........

    weapons are controlled by the mind, camp was a good (hearted) person....

    given what he's been through, i'd do the same to protect myself and family.....

    and FYI they were in the states before they were in mexico

    i have a closet full of weapons, they bring food to the table (hunting season), provide stress relief, and protection.... so yeah something good can come from them.

    and there is no accidental gunshots, only non educated gun 6y/o daughter knows how to handle, check, and clear a cartridge in almost ANY of my guns.... she KNOWS to point the barrel in a safe direction, and to never have her finger on the trigger until she is ready to take the shot.....
  6. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    don't think we should turn this into a gun thread, that's almost like touching on abortion, but....

    Yes, with proper training, having ANY AMOUNT of guns in the home can be safe, myself and my older sister have been raised around guns, in the open, unlocked in drawers, next to ammo....did we shoot ourselves or anybody, no.....

    are the kind of guns El has necessary for anything other than killing humans? No, which is half the reason he has them, he is in a dangerous area, in a dangerous situation, and not the only one with guns in his area....

    Do I myself have guns at the moment or hunt? No, I don't kill anything unless I am going to eat it/use it, and I don't have time for all that right now..

    But I am also a libertarian, and don't believe in the governments right to regulate my right to OWN ANYTHING.....gun control goes along the same lines as marijuana regulation....if you think guns kill people, you are wrong, criminals and stupid people kill others, with knives, guns, bats, and bolts....

    But, I am also up at 11 drinking a beer in the south....:smoke2:
  7. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    Wasn't going for a gun control debate, but...

    The RIGHT to keep and bear arms is one of our most basic and fundamental freedoms afforded to us by OUR CONSTITUTION... Just like our freedom of speech which allows this forum to remain open.

    Guns are tools... not toys!

    Responsible gun ownership does no one any harm, unless it is in the defense of one's life or property in the face of danger. Then, the gun owner is simply exercising his fundamental right to protect himself.

    Here in the South... "Gun control" is simply having the ability to hit your target.

    Take away our guns... Then the rest of our freedoms will soon follow. They are not only protection from would be robbers, but from our government itself if need be.

  8. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    ok ok I definately don't want to be involved in a gun discussion. I just don't like them, thats all. It's not going to change and i'm not going to go out and try to get people's guns taken away. Thats your right. I just don't like em, sorry :crap:

    Just leave a bad taste in my mouth and it's because of what happened. Guess I'm just traumatized. Say a clown killed your puppy :dog: . Well, from then on, you probly wouldn't like clowns. But you would'nt try to organize a national clown banish, you just wouldn't find them pleasant would you. :5no:

    I also don't like hunting but thats another story. I know all meat I eat came from an animal that probly wasn't even killed in a faster way than a gunshot. But I still don't like it. But i'm not gonna go try and ban hunting....
  9. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh The Clowns!
  10. Shine Down

    Shine Down plays in cabinets........

    exactly, the day the police/govt steps into my house is the day i declare war on america.....
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  11. AlienBait

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    Exactly man, clowns freak me out! mainkill.jpg

  12. Cannagirl

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  13. link420

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    Registered guns?

    I'm not saying don't own and buy guns, and I'm not even gonna get into that argument.

    However, do you think guns that have been in Mexico are registered? Cause to me that's the difference between RESPONSIBLE gun ownership, and gun onwership for violence. Sure El has to protect himself and his crop down in Mexico, and there I could understand buying unregistered (since he's not exactly 100% legal)

    But bringing them guns into the States? How could that possibly be a good thing, he's not gonna need that many guns to protect himself in the USA. So when he needs some cash, what happens to them rifles? Likely they'll end up in the wrong hands...THE EXACT REASON WHY YOU HAVE TO PROTECT YOURSELF.

    of course I could be completely wrong, cause I'm only speculating, but don't you guys see this circle of problems here?
  14. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Its a touchy subject i know but....

    Link,in the UK we dont even have the chance to debate this cos the govt banned ALL handguns,etc after the DUNBLANE school massacre in Scotland bout ten years ago.All guns are illegal,shit if the cops even catch me with my pepper spray aquired from a german security firm legally online i would be up in court on FIREARMS charges yet in America fuckin Paris Hilton and her DOG have them:bduh:

    I know that the whole guns subject in America is a big deal,the NRA is it that Charlton Heston is Prez of?Im not a big fan of guns myself,they are illegal but i could buy one as easily as i coul a bag of weed to be honest.

    Id always been glad of the fact we dont have the GUN DEBATE in the UK but Shine Down HIGHLIGHTED a good point when he mentions that the weapons are not only for self defence but to defend against the government,EXCELLENT POINT that the anti-gun lobby over here forget,they say if guns are illegal then we dont need them to defend ourselves but WHAT about our government?What IF it ever came to some kind of citizens rebellion against UNJUST LAWS or UNJUST USE OF THE MILITARY AGAINST CIVILIANS?Iv never been a gun fanatic but damn thats a good point made there and damn your founding fathers were mutha f**kin clever guys:eusa_clap:

    Iv read all the founding fathers stuff and them guys were soooo clever ,way way ahead of their time ,had it not been for their visions,warnings and laws implemented America would be one hell of a different country.WHY SHOULDNT WE ALL BE ALLOWED ONE GUN IN A LOCKED CASE IN OUR HOMES IN CASE THERE EVER IS A CIVIL WAR AND A NEED FOR LOCAL MILITIAS:ponder:But making guns legal in the UK is a whole other topic and i know its a sensitive one in America but the founding fathers put these inclusions in for ALL YOUR BENEFITS for the ppl who live in USA.The founding fathers were wise men IMO,so im on the fence but like the idea of being able to defend your land ,etc from a corrupt govt,etc.Peace:smokin:
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  15. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    All my guns were purchased legally, or passed down through family members that are no longet with us...

    Not a single one is registered. It is not required in Texas.
  16. Shine Down

    Shine Down plays in cabinets........

    exactly, i have a bunch that are registered to me, my dad, and late grandfather, and i have some that if i tried to register would raise eyebrows, not that they are automatic or illegal, but "law enforcement" status....

    they are people just like me, that doesnt mean i cant fight their battle less effectively than they can, from not having weaponry on an equal playing field,they arent any better than i am, so why should i come to the gun battle with a swiss army knife

    you can find anything, anywhere in this world..... life in general boils down to who you know, not neccessarily what you know....
  17. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    Thread hijacked enough??? LOL

    :hello: Welcome back Newf!!! :hello:

  18. old fart

    old fart Germinated

    lol,, was wondering who was going to speak up lmao...

    sorry guys, i dont discuss things i know nothing about,, personally,, id never have a gun for protection,, unless from bears,, primitive imo,, but im only a peacful canuck...
  19. Mrgreengenes

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    I go away for a few days and miss everthing!!! :)
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