Tony's C99, Cream Caramel, Kandy Kush, & Shark Attack Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Tony Aroma, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Tony Aroma

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    I've been kind of busy and didn't want the responsibility of regularly updating a grow log. So this is just a quick summary.

    The details of my setup can be found here. Basically, a 400 w bulb and organic soil.

    I changed my strategy this time to fewer plants and more veg time. Only four plants, one of each, but I vegged for 9 weeks from seed. That definitely made a HUGE difference in yield. I ended up getting about as much from one plant as I did from two of the same on previous grows. In fact, I set a new personal yield record.

    Here are some picts from the week before harvest:


    Here's the whole gang. The SCROG is filled in almost as much with 4 plants as on my previous grows with 6 plants.


    This is the Cream Caramel. Hard to see, but it consistently gets a reddish/purplish color on its leaves near harvest time.


    The Shark Attack was a freebie. Supposed to be a high-CBD strain. It was a very vigorous grower and very frosty.


    The C99 was also a frosty girl. But I think this one is different from either of the phenos I previously grew.


    The Kandy Kush was a very stout young lady. It's colas were fairly short and very fat and dense, very easy to trim.
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  2. Discorilla

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    Definitely got some frost on those ladies! Nice work!
  3. Tony Aroma

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    Final Results

    Here's the final record-breaking score:

    Kandy Kush – Harvest @ day 61

    46.0 g = 1.62 oz.

    Cream Caramel – Harvest @ day 61

    34.2 g = 1.21 oz.

    C99 – Harvest @ day 59

    42.4 g = 1.50 oz.

    Shark Attack – Harvest @ day 59

    42.1 g = 1.49 oz.

    Total: 164.7 g, 5.81 oz

    I've never even averaged an oz per plant before, so this is a big jump in yield. And all it took was a couple of extra weeks of veg time.

    It's all still curing, so I don't have a smoke report yet. Based on samples, they should end up similar to previous batches (I've not grown the SA before). Already the Kandy Kush has that great, sweet taste. Kandy Kush and C99 are definitely at the top of my list! I highly recommend both.
  4. Midnight Garden

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    looking good as usual man!
  5. bncooldude13

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    Tony nice looking plants.

    Its good that you can get same yeild, using less plants.

    It seems like your colas are getting way fatter.... like way fatter, probably from them getting more light, rather then fighting for light. Awesome.

    Do more logs bro, we love too see your work man.

    Gratz on the harvest.

    Are you gonna be doing more strains in the future, or stickin to the same ones?

    You are def dialing in your strains dawg.
  6. Old Resin

    Old Resin Resinating

    I see nothing wrong with those buds...mmmm...frosty....:bong-2:
  7. Tony Aroma

    Tony Aroma Let's Go - Two Smokes!

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I think the big difference is time. Bigger plants, bigger roots, bigger buds. Lights are the same, SCROG's the same, soil, ferts, everything. Only difference is veg time.

    I plan on starting another grow very soon. This time I grew my favorites, plus the SA freebie. Since I have a pretty good supply now, I think my next grow will be all or mostly new stuff. I just ordered the following:

    Sweet Seeds – Wild Rose

    Sweet Seeds – Psicodelicia

    Sweet Seeds – Mohan Ram

    Female Seeds – C99

    Barney’s Farm – Vanilla Kush

    With the Xmas specials, I got a LOT of freebies (most of which I'm not too excited about):

    Ch9 Female Seeds Vintage 2006

    Positronics Seeds Jack Diesel

    CH9 Female Seeds Yumboldt x Vintage 2006

    CH9 Female Seeds Jack 33

    Cali Connection Boss Hogg 2 REG

    TH Seeds Critical HOG

    Delta 9 Labs Sativa House Mix 5 REG

    Dinafem Seeds White Widow AUTO

    G13 Labs Gigabud

    Since I like the Cream Caramel so much, I wanted to try some more from Sweet Seeds. Probably do one of each of the new strains next time. I guess the C99 counts as a "new" strain too, since I've been growing the hybrid. So many strains, so little time (and space).
  8. Old Resin

    Old Resin Resinating

    Tony-I agree with you on the veg-it's not the calender that counts's the plant. Don't be married to a two week veg (ie if thats what your veg is) if the plants don't look ready.

    I've had to go as many as 6 weeks to get them where I wanted them.

    The calender didn't like it...but the scale did...

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