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  1. Gigeresque

    Gigeresque Germinated

    Hi all. Just wondering how many of you go smoke free, and what do you use. I'd love to get me a Volcano, but they are so damn expensive. There is a Canadian made one that is similar, and quite a bit cheaper. $200 for the base model, and $400 for the digital version with remote control.

    What about those cheapie wooden ones on Ebay? Anyone tried them?
  2. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    I used to have an older volcano but I sold it to a buddy. I still have a vapor bros, vapir air one 4.0 and one of those cheap vaporites from ebay. The vapor bros is my fav because it's temp control is awesome never had a flashed bowl. Now the vapir air one is cool but the fan is annoying. the vaporite works fine might want to upgrade the hose they give you because it is crap also the temp display(supposed to be in *F) isn't accurate for shit I vape with it set around 130 on the display. So if you get one of those cheap ones for like $65 off ebay and it's temp display is in *F don't go cranking it up to around 392*F like you should if it displayed properly, start off low like 130.
  3. gizmo_barks

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    the first time i tried a vaporizor, i had to get one. I dont think ill ever get rid of it.:vape: :XXknight:
  4. link420

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    The volcano kicks ass but man the price tag does too :eusa_shifty:

    The one I own, unfortunately, is the Vapir and it sucked, total waste of weed and money and time.


    The problem was that it couldn't hold the set temperature- you'd preheat to set temperature, then you'd put your slide in there with the green and it would drop way back down again. So you'd wait another ten minutes until it reaches the temp, only to inhale bad tasting vapor through a straw. The worst thing is that the chamber has vents that leak out the smoke as soon as you stop sucking on the mouth piece to take a breath. So you wait forever only to waste precious vapor. It takes at least one hour to get stoned off of this piece of shit
  5. NeonLights

    NeonLights Excommunicated

    I use one of the wooden ones. Got it years ago when they first came around. Back when the wood ones cost $300. I love it. Only issue I have is that I just cant throw away bud that is not ash. So I save all the brown shit and make oil with it.
  6. Gigeresque

    Gigeresque Germinated

    Thanks guys. I may just try one of the wooden ones then. They are pretty cheap, and I really gotta stop smoking. I have asthma. I quit smoking cigarretes over a year ago, but I still partake in the herb almost daily, so I figure a vaporizer would do me a world of good.
  7. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Yea I've heard nothing but bad stories about the Vapir air2 or o2 whatever that one is called. Thats crazy though does it serious take 10 minutes to heat up? My vapir air one takes about 1-2 minutes and stays pretty steady. I ussually just use that vape when I want to fill bags. Mine did leak from some cracks and stuff when I first got it. Nothing a little Epoxy plastic welder can't fix. I sealed the entire unit besides the spot the tray is. For a while I even used electrical tape on the tray to keep it from possibly leaking there too. Kinda a pain.

    giger- man here is the link for that vaporite with a sharpstone grinder

    Heres the vaporite with the electric grinder. This is the same kit I got and the grinder works but the sharpstone is nicer and catchs kief so that's a plus.
  8. Gratitude

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    Get the Vaporbrothers - support GK!

    I have the vaporbrothers. I recommend it. Like Neon, I save the "left overs" for making butter. The Guy that pays to keep GK benefits from the purchases made from VaporWharehouse. That's where I got mine. Good product, fast service. It's the link between posts #1 and #2 on every thread.


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