White Widow (Fem) Coco T5 Grow/Journal

Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Music City Cannabis, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Very healthy indeed! Nice.
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  2. Thanks for the love! Got an update! They went a lil to long in the Solo cups as I got lazy. Got them transplanted now and they seem to be doing great! Here's some pics. First picture in green pots is right after transplant and sec picture is a couple days after.
    IMG_20180416_024247.jpg IMG_20180416_024242.jpg IMG_20180416_032915.jpg IMG_20180419_033328.jpg
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    In my opinion you let the plants do the right thing in those solo cups. Being rootbound is only a bad thing if they are left in the same pots they got bound in. You have a nice network of roots to spread out in their new pots now. The root zone is where the love is....happy roots = happy shoots.
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  4. Thanks the comment! Makes me feel better!
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    Just curious why you have so many holes in your post. Are you wanting the soil to dry faster or more air for roots type deal?

    P.s. those are some sweet looking roots.
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  6. When doing my research and getting ready to start my grow I found some guys doing the air pruning thing and really liked the results. Air pruning occurs when roots are exposed to air, once the tip comes into contact with air it will react by pruning itself and create a double tip. Once the tips have grown back they will make their way through the medium again, where they will eventually come into contact with the edge of the pot again. Effectively you are constantly pruning the roots and once they start pruning the root mass will increase by almost 500%
    (That's what I've read)

    I will admit that I shouldn't have gone so high with the holes on though green pots as it makes it a little harder to water them since the Coco isn't packed tight around them. I'm still learning tho and won't make that mistake again. I just took some duct tape last night and covered the first set of holes at the top which helps. Thanks!
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    One thing to remember you can't smoke roots I don't think I want 500%more roots-Bud
  8. Can't argue about smoking the roots lol... But the roots of your plant are the real workforce behind your plants success. They might not be directly responsible for growing buds but they are responsible for many processes that allow bud growth to happen!
  9. IMG_20180425_205445.jpg Coming along. Did a lil defoliation on the bottom and put some stick skewers as some started leaning. Still feeding daily with Calmag+, KIND base and KIND grow at roughly 500ppms and 5.8 ph
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    Looking real good! Id be thinking about flipping to 12/12 soonish if you havent done so already.
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  11. IMG_20180503_034412.jpg IMG_20180503_034438.jpg IMG_20180503_034353.jpg IMG_20180503_034510.jpg Update. Had some problems getting my flower tent environment stable thru out the day but I think I got it tuned in now and ready for the girls just gotta get them trasnplanted into the 5 gallon. Got roots sticking out the bottom of these containers already and im having to feed 2 gallons of water now instead of 1. I lowered my ppms from around the mid 500 range to mid 300s as I started noticing a lil nute burn on a few of the plants. I've stopped using the KIND grow formula and added using the KIND Bloom and also lowerd my calmag + down from 4ml a gallon to 1ml per gallon as I had forgot that the Botanicare KIND formula already has this and I believe I may have been locking out other nutrients. Check out some of the pics from tonight!
    I have also trimmed up around the bottom twice most recent was about 4 days ago... I waited to late but decided to go ahead and still fim the tops. About 4-5 days ago. Tomorrow I'm taking clones and moving the girls.
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    Wow...those are really putting out some strong lateral branches. Stocky lil' things! Nice. :cool-og:
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  13. Thanks for the love Herb!
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  14. My infinity fan didn't wanna run on high which set me back from getting them into the flower tent but infinity is sending me another one no questions asked. In the mean time I'm using the smaller duct fan and they have been in 12/12 for just a couple days and doing good. Here's a pic from tonight. IMG_20180515_224652.jpg
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    AWESOME nice healthy plants -Bud
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    They are pretty indeed!
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    Let me start out by saying I don’t know how I missed this thread but it’s a good one! MCC nice looking plants and nice grow. I’ll stay tuned in for the rest of this thread. Great job on doing your own air pots. It does increase root mas and helps increase bud production!
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  18. Thanks for the love! Definitely happy with the air pots so far! Love the roots!
  19. Few more pics to share: Also i forgot to share pics of roots during the 5 gallon transplant. IMG_20180508_192343.jpg IMG_20180508_192348.jpg IMG_20180518_233150.jpg IMG_20180518_233024.jpg
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